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Altro - Does anyone remenber Yvonne?

davpal1 - Dom Ott 28, 2007 12:36 am
Oggetto: Does anyone remenber Yvonne?
Yvonne Schńfer

Hi David,

I'm fine - and how are you?? I'm not doing English conversation anymore but Italian conversation!! I'm an Erasmus tutor and all the helpless Italian students at university ask me if they have any problems... My "son" is Giacomo, a nice guy from Varese. He doesn't speak German at all but it doesn't matter. He is very clever and I think he'll learn German within a few weeks...
As you can imagine I've got a lot to has started and many courses are waiting for me....
No, I didn't know that Giovanni teaches at university: I'll have to write him immediately! This is great - I'm sure he will be a very good teacher!!! Unfortunately I'm very lazy: I didn't write to him very often...
In any case I'll inform you all when I am in Palermo. But I think this won't be in the year 2007!
Are there any new members in the conversation group? Some students? I'll have to visit the page....! Greetings to all of the group (who know me)!

Best wishes,

Yvonne (writing dalla Germania freddissima!)

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